Unique Reflections of Leading Thinkers Through Filmed Conversations 

Ideas Roadshow is an innovative database of e-resources based upon in-depth conversations with a wide variety of researchers across the arts and sciences. We have recently dramatically extended our content by complementing our full-length videos with both short, targeted clips and medium-length thematic compilations.

We have also launched a new Academic Portal, High School Portal and Public Library Portal with tailor-made resources for each. We are offering all academics (including academic librarians), high school teachers and public librarians a free pass to all material in their respective portal for the month of October.  Please contact [email protected] to arrange for your pass. 

Featured Resources This Month  

Edie Widder (ORCA) laments the dreadful environmental catastrophe we are leaving for our children without even giving them the tools to deal with it. 

Award-winning primatologist and bestselling author Frans de Waal (Emory) describes how neuroscience has shed light on the science of animal emotions.