Ocean Enlightenment
A conversation with Edie Widder

Our wide-ranging conversation with Edie explores marine bioluminescence, high school education, environmental devastation and the intersection of all three through her innovative programs at ORCA.

About Edie Widder:

Edie holds a PhD in neurobiology and was senior scientist at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution for 16 years before leaving to cofound the Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA) after being awarded a MacArthur Fellowship.

Some Additional Resources:
The weird, wonderful world of bioluminescence

Very popular TED talk by Edie

Bioluminescence: Living Lights, Lights for Living

By Thérèse Wilson & J. Woodland Hasting

BBC Nature Wildlife - Bioluminescence

A collection of video resources on bioluminescence from the BBC.

Bioluminescence on Camera - National Geographic

The Giant Squid Stalker - Slate

An article featuring Edie Widder with bioluminescence video

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Chapter 1: Bright Beginnings (00:01:43)

Chapter 2: Applications (00:06:09)

Chapter 3: The Science of Bioluminescence (00:09:57)

Chapter 4: Evolutionary Insights (00:16:24)

Chapter 5: Eye-in-the-Sea (00:22:41)

Chapter 6: Grappling with a Coastline Crisis (00:31:09)

Chapter 7: Kids to the Rescue (00:39:19)

Chapter 8: Scaling (00:45:25)

Chapter 9: Existential Challenges (00:49:03)

Chapter 10: President Widder’s Agenda (00:54:37)