Ocean Enlightenment
A conversation with Edie Widder

Our wide-ranging conversation with Edie explores how her study of marine bioluminescence in the open ocean has led her to new scientific discoveries as well as to the development of new programs designed to equip a new generation with the tools they need to clean up the environmental devastation ...


About Edie Widder:

Edie holds a PhD in neurobiology and was senior scientist at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution for 16 years before leaving to cofound the Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA) after being awarded a MacArthur Fellowship.

Some Additional Resources:
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Bioluminescence: Living Lights, Lights for Living

By Thérèse Wilson & J. Woodland Hasting

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An article featuring Edie Widder with bioluminescence video

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Video Chapters

Introduction (00:00)

Chapter 1: Beyond ‘Oh, Wow!’ (1:42)

Chapter 2: The Wonders of Bioluminescence (8:34)

Chapter 3: What the Eye-in-the-Sea Saw (21:34)

Chapter 4: The Challenges of Discovery: What We Still Don’t Know (27:06)

Chapter 5: Canary in the Coal Mine: Evaluating Toxicity Along Our Coastlines (32:45)

Chapter 6: Educational Innovation and Reason for Optimism (41:42)

Credits (55:41)