The Joy of Mathematics
A conversation with Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart, mathematician and highly prolific writer, strongly disagrees with the common view that mathematics is uninteresting, and believes that much of its bad popular reputation is simply based upon a lack of understanding as to what it's really all about.

About Ian Stewart:

Ian Stewart is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Warwick and a highly successful popular-science and science-fiction writer. He was the first recipient of the Christopher Zeeman Medal for his work on the public promotion of mathematics.

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Chapter 1: Conversation Stoppers and Mathematical Trauma (00:01:43)

Chapter 2: Teaching Mathematics (00:08:46)

Chapter 3: False Romanticism (00:18:46)

Chapter 4: Symmetry and Animals (00:23:20)

Chapter 5: Coloring Networks and Trotting Horses (00:34:51)

Chapter 6: How To Get Unstuck, and Other Good Advice (00:44:04)

Chapter 7: Gender Imbalance and Portuguese Mysteries (00:49:58)

Chapter 8: Mathematics Everywhere (00:58:15)