Plato's Heaven: A User's Guide
A conversation with James Robert Brown

What do mathematicians actually do? Just move symbols around or search to uncover undying truths? Most mathematicians shy away from addressing the question, but James Robert Brown plunges straight in to describe his implacable Platonist beliefs.

About James Robert Brown:

James Robert Brown is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto. He has written widely on topics in the philosophy of science and philosophy of mathematics but is perhaps most recognized for his pioneering work in thought experiments.

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Platonism, Naturalism, and Mathematical Knowledge

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Chapter 1: Definitions and Platons (00:00:56)

Chapter 2: Appeals to Authority, Naturalism and Falling Trees (00:11:27)

Chapter 3: Glimpsing Plato's Heaven Through Thought Experiments (00:27:51)

Chapter 4: Even More We Don't Understand - The Mind-Body Problem (00:40:53)

Chapter 5: Philosophical Schisms (00:44:07)

Chapter 6: The Personal Platonist (00:48:38)

Chapter 7: Philosophy as a Team Sport (00:53:46)