The Two Cultures
A conversation with Stefan Collini

Renowned Cambridge literary critic and intellectual historian Stefan Collini re-examines the celebrated battle between C.P. Snow and F.R. Leavis within the larger context of the value of public dialogue and the role of the modern university.

About Stefan Collini:

Stefan Collini is Professor of English Literature and Intellectual History at the University of Cambridge. He is a frequent contributor to The Times Literary Supplement, The Nation, and The London Review of Books.

Some Additional Resources:
The Two Cultures

By C.P. Snow (Foreword by Stefan Collini)

Two Cultures?: The Significance of C. P. Snow

By F. R. Leavis (Foreword by Stefan Collini)

What are Universities For?

By Stefan Collini

Common Reading: Critics, Historians, Publics

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Absent Minds: Intellectuals in Britain

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That's Offensive!: Criticism, Identity, Respect

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Chapter 1: Chatty Booksellers and Unread Books (00:01:36)

Chapter 2: Saving the World (00:09:36)

Chapter 3: The Perils of “Literary Osteoporosis” (00:12:30)

Chapter 4: Enter F.R. Leavis (00:17:36)

Chapter 5: Combatting Clichés (00:27:35)

Chapter 6: The Fallout (00:36:00)

Chapter 7: Lessons Learned? (00:40:23)

Chapter 8: General Implications (00:53:07)