Exploring Autism
A conversation with Uta Frith

Uta Frith, one of the world's leading researchers on autism, helps us explore what is both known and unknown about autism. Even the question "What is autism?" turns out to be a surprisingly difficult one to answer, Uta explains.

About Uta Frith:

Uta Frith DBE is a psychologist and neuroscientist at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London who has pioneered much of the current research in autism and dyslexia.

Some Additional Resources:
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The Essential Truth: Male and Female Brains And The Truth About Autism

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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Video Chapters

Introduction (00:00)

Chapter 1: Is There an Autism Epidemic? (1:07)

Chapter 2: What Is Autism, Anyway? (10:36)

Chapter 3: A Concrete Test of Mentalizing: The Sally-Anne Experiment (17:35)

Chapter 4: Scanning the Brain (27:43)

Chapter 5: Causes of Autism: Environmental of Genetic? (34:30)

Chapter 6: Asperger Syndrome, Savants, and Weak Central Coherence (39:49)

Chapter 7: Gender Imbalance, Theoretical Physics, and Provocative Statements (50:15)

Chapter 8: What Is to Be Done? (56:04)

Credits (1:03:11)