Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is Ideas Roadshow? Is it journalism? A video blog?
  2. Are these interviews? They don't really look like interviews.
  3. How is this different from other things out there?
  4. How much are you charging for your products?
  5. Can I get this from my university or public library?
  6. Is there an Ideas Roadshow app?
  7. How do I view purchased video files on my tablet or other mobile device?
  8. Where will the eBook be sold?
  9. What is the difference in content between the eBook and the pdf?
  10. How can I contact you?
  11. I am hesitant to provide sensitive information over the internet. Is your payment system secure?

We are neither bloggers nor journalists. Some of the issues might be topical, but many will not be. And we have no particular statement to make or axe to grind. We are simply curious people very excited at the chance to discuss ideas in a substantial way with thoughtful and knowledgeable people.

The guests are interviewed, but the format is different from what you are probably used to. It is not a strict Q&A, but rather a relaxed conversation, an opportunity to work together with the specialist to fully flesh out the idea in question and his/her perspective on it. The fact that the interviewees are typically filmed in their own home or office adds a further element of informality and spontaneity to the mix.

We believe strongly that we are creating a spectrum of integrated video and print products to explore a variety of fascinating ideas in an accessible and engaging way. Our guests are given ample time on camera for them to best express themselves, while the eBook allows for a detailed follow-up of many of the ideas discussed for the motivated reader.

All issues (videos, eBooks and audio files) are available for $1.99. Meanwhile eBooks and audiofiles are also available for individual purchase at $0.99.

Subscriptions are also available for $99/year or $9.99/month, which allows full access to both print and video editions, past and present.

Very soon, we expect. We are working with both academic and public librarians to arrange licensing agreements. Librarians and educators who are interested in using IR in the classroom should contact us directly.

Yes. We have an iPad app on Apple Newsstand:

iPad or iPhone:

You can watch IR on our iPad app available on Apple Newsstand. Should you wish to use your iPhone to watch the video, note that upon purchase, a link will immediately be provided to you and will also be emailed to the address you provide. By tapping this link, either from your email or from your browser, the video will begin to stream.

Alternatively, you can download the video file to your computer and add it to your iTunes video library. From there you can sync the video with your mobile device to watch it whenever and wherever you please.

Android Tablet or Phone:
Upon purchase, a link will immediately be provided to you and will also be emailed to the address you provide. Clicking on this link will download the video to your Android device. Once the download is complete, the video will be available in the "Play Movies" app under the "Personal Videos" section.

Alternatively, you can download the video file to your computer and then transfer to your device. Instructions for transferring downloaded videos from your computer to your Android device can be found here

The eBook is available through Amazon and the iBookstore. We anticipate that it will soon be available on Google as well.

There is no difference in the content. The functionality may differ depending on your particular eReader.

Feel free to send any of us an email. Our email addresses are listed above our biographies on the About page. For general inquiries, or more technical inquiries, use the general contact form.

Yes. Ideas Roadshow processes all payments through Stripe. All sensitive information passes directly between you and Stripe; Ideas Roadshow never sees any of your billing information including credit card numbers, security codes, and addresses.

You can read more about Stripe's security features here.