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  1. Who is Howard Burton, the host and driving force behind Ideas Roadshow?
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  5. Are the videos closed-captioned?
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Howard Burton was the Founding Executive Director of Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Canada from 1999-2007. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics and an MA in philosophy and has long been passionately committed to making sophisticated ideas accessible to a wide range of people through the power of conversation, probing select thinkers to share their deepest insights in a way that is engaging, accessible and often motivational.

We have been licensing our videos, eBooks, and audio-files directly to academic and public libraries, high schools, government institutions, and airlines. We'd be pleased to hear from other institutions interested in licensing our materials.

If you are interested in licensing our content please contact Irena

We currently have 40 full issues available in our library, and we are planning on releasing an additional 34 issues early 2015 and a further 35-40 issues in the fall of 2015.

Each issue contains the following:

I. a full-length video (app. one hour in length), broken into chapters for easy consumption and reference.

II. an eBook, which consists of an introductory essay, an unabridged transcript of the conversation (broken into chapters as well), a brief bio of the guest, detailed chapter references and two sets of questions to further explore the ideas.

III. an audio file of the conversation.

Upon signing a licensing agreement, we will establish an institutional IP range so that all members of your university or institution can have access to all of the agreed-upon content via streaming video and downloadable eBooks and audiofiles.

Yes. All the videos are closed captioned in English. To access this feature, simply click on the CC button at the bottom of each video.

Yes. We offer complete MARC records for our uniquely integrated products (video, eBook, audio file) at no extra charge.

Prices for institutional licences are very competitive. For academic institutions (universities and community colleges) prices are based on a tiered FTE model. Rates for public libraries are based on a tiered cardholder/population model and include a public performance site license at no additional charge. High school licenses are available at a flat rate, while competitive bespoke opportunities exist for a wide range of other institutions and organizations (corporate, government, etc.)

For more detailed information, please contact Irena.

Please click on our subscribe page and follow the steps. All individual subscribers have full access to our existing catalogue. New issues are released in batches throughout the year. Individual consumers are able to pay by PayPal or Stripe.