Unique Reflections of Leading Thinkers 


This fall we're launching Ideas Roadshow's new IBDP Portal which offers more than 400 high-quality video and print resources for the Diploma Programme featuring a broad selection of the world’s leading thinkers. The resources have been developed (i) to offer an extensive and unique TOK resource, (ii) to integrate TOK across other subject areas and (iii) to support student research for EE.  For further information, please visit our blog for IB teachers and students called Investigating Knowledge

We're delighted to announce that Ideas Roadshow was the recipient of The Educational Learning Resources Award at the London Book Fair International Excellence Awards 2018.  


This is Ideas Roadshow's General Public Portal where individual subscribers can access an extensive collection of videos, enhanced eBooks and MP3s within an integrated, user-friendly platform. The resources provide inspring and accessible insights into the motivations and research of a wide range of world-leading experts. 

Featured Videos  

Linguist Carol Padden (UC San Diego), describes unique aspects of humor that American Sign Language enables.             

Ben Nelson (Minerva) speaks passionately about the importance of developing the appropriate cognitive tools for students.